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A Loss for Words… (Possible Trigger Warning)


After a reasonably successful show last  night at Scumbags, I was turned onto a Tumblr post made a while back which chronicled the disgusting misogynistic statements made by members of a Pittsburgh band.  I’m not going to name them and feed their delusions of “fame,” though it probably wouldn’t take too much Googling to find this stuff.

I know that I kind of disappeared for five years and that things have changed a little bit, but WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED?  When did the type of misogynistic shit that’s included in the photo above and screenshots below become so acceptable?  Why is any local band willing to share a stage with this type of nonsense?  Why is any local venue allowing a band who obviously hates women?  Is it just a matter of not having seen/heard about this behavior?  Is the fact that this band can draw 40 people to a show greenwashing the fact that they simply are not good people?  I’m not sure, but I really hope that it’s just a matter of ignorance, not the willful turning of a blind eye to this bullshit.

If you’re in a band and you know who I’m talking about, you should be refusing to share a stage with this band.  Fuck it.  If you refuse to play with them, I’ll give you a show to make up for it, even if your not of a genre that I’d typically book.

I’m sure that some members of this band are going to laugh about this post, probably call me some combination of “faggot,” “hater,” or “jealous,” then make fun of my appearance.  I know this because members of that band gave me shit about my article about headhunting in the mosh pit.  I don’t give a shit.

We’re going to turn this into something positive.  We’ve reached out to Pittsburgh Action Against Rape, and we’re going to discuss doing a few benefit shows.  We’ve reached out and offered Girls Rock! Pittsburgh free advertising for anything that they need.


Women are an integral part of this scene, and should be treated as such.  There’s more to a scene than making “sick” music.  It’s a cohesive unit, working together for the greater good.  If you don’t want to be involved with that, whatever… but we’re still going to call you on your bullshit.


  1. Ahoy m8, check your sources, a band member didn’t make that pic from a few years ago, some idiotic fan did. The other pictures are statuses from band members. Seems mature to put them out there like that instead of maybe messaging them and saying, “Hey, I don’t agree with what you’re writing, consider other feelings out there,” but I can understand the need for AdSense and how you’re not getting rich off of it or something.

    1. I’m putting it out there because people need to be aware that this bullshit exists in our scene. As I’ve said numerous times in the past, when we had a Nazi problem, it was dealt with head-on, which is the correct way of doing so. Those Nazi fucks were run out of town, and don’t show up at our shows anymore. This is no different.

  2. …not to say I personally agree with it or something. I have faith in you though to be more mature, be the better person, and take the adult way of handling situations like this.

  3. You must’ve missed the second reply where I wrote that I don’t agree with it.

    There are bad apples in any music scene. They exist but you’re constantly targeting them. What about the twenty other bands who act like that locally?

    1. If I see it, I’m going to say it. Period. This band doesn’t hide their bullshit.

      Even if you don’t agree with it, you’re saying that this kind of thing should be dealt with in private. This is an issue that plagues the scene (and you support that by saying that there are 20 other bands who do the same shit), so it should be dealt with in public. Women should know to avoid someone who so flagrantly promotes rape culture.

  4. List the other bands along with documentation of there bullshit and they will happily be dealt with in similar fashion. This isn’t about free speech or differing opinions, it’s about making sure the punk and hardcore scene is a safe and welcoming place for everyone who wants to contribute positively.

  5. The nazi problem were literally gangs that used to gang up on people and physically attack and dominate shows (as I understand as I started going to shows around 96 when they had been ran out). It doesn’t compare at all to people making jokes in bad taste.

  6. So it basically looks like a bunch of tongue in cheek shit. Not really advocating those positions but saying it with dry humor. An exaggerated offensiveness. Not real rape culture or misogyny at all. Only to someone PC enough to take the bait. I don’t care for the band but to take this shit literally is pretty stupid.

    1. There are allegations floating around that this guy is like this, and there are some rumors of him sexually assaulting someone who is afraid to comeforward.

      Using “PC” as an insult is some 1980’s nihilistic nonsense. It’s okay to care about things. People should feel safe coming to a show without having to put up with this kind of nonsense.

  7. When women are being choked out, held down and assaulted in the pit at shows it most certainly does compare to the nazis in the scene.

  8. Adam, I think Tim has a point here. It feels like this band is taking pages out of the Westbro playbook and you need to ask yourself if it’s worth your energy to focus on unpacking the misogyny from whatever the fuck else is going through this dude (Nick Fike’s) mind. What is worth your energy, my energy, OUR ENERGY is addressing the needs of this person you allege to have been assaulted. WHOVER THIS IS. IF YOU ARE READING THIS. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE COME FORWARD. THE ASSHOLE THAT DID THIS TO YOU THRIVES ON YOUR SILENCE. AND YOUR BRAVERY MIGHT STOP IT FROM HAPPENING TO THE NEXT PERSON. THERE IS HELP 18663637273.

    1. There’s a difference. Westboro can protest anywhere they’d like because of the first amendment. This band can be barred from playing certain venues, have promoters unwilling to work with them, or dozens of bands unwilling to share a stage with them.

      The positive that’s going to come from this is that we have a face-to-face meeting with Pittsburgh Action Against Rape, and we’ll be putting together some benefit shows for them, as well as tabling and passing out literature at some bigger shows (including the Slaves show at the Smiling Moose in a couple of weeks).

  9. I can’t think of any way that being politically correct would be anything but unflattering. It actually implies a sort of knee jerk reaction or a political stance to be on the side of acceptability in a peer group of people maintaining an image of being progressive whether on not it’s authentic To me at least.
    And the allegations by a nameless entity amount to nothing but a rumor. Rumors shouldn’t even get mention in a matter of publicly assessing someone’s character.

  10. Why are people complaining about you posting the comments that these bands made about women in public? They posted them on a public website, for the public to see. You’re just calling them out on their horseshit. Which is not an “unfair” thing to do when they are saying such hateful things.

    This post is literally you saying we need to do something about this and turn it into a positive situation. How the hell are people complaining, seriously?

    1. I think there exists a shift in the last 10 years or so. Kids who are in their teens and twenties have been told “yes” all of their lives that they have no idea how to take any criticism.

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